My Journey to Solo Motherhood: The First Year- Episode 5

9th May 2013

I took my Mum & friend with me to my follow up appointment with Dr. Carole today. Luckily all my tests seemed fine for my age (my FSH is 4.6 and my AMH 4.1 pmol). so she suggested 3 goes at IUI (Inter Uterine Insemination) with the possibility of an ovulation trigger injection if needed.

My clinic has better than average rates with the chance of an IUI working being 21% (average is only 15.4%) so they say it should work with 3 attempts, and if not to go back to see her to discuss other options.

She told me about the sperm banks they recommend and advised that I have a session with a counsellor before starting any treatment. Once I’ve had my counselling I’ll be ready to start treatment at my leisure!

It all seemed so easy, although I was acutely aware of the other couples in the waiting room and, although I didn’t have any known fertility problems, that I shouldn’t expect it to be easy for me.

I’ve just organised my counselling appointment for a couple of months time so that’s the next step in my journey to motherhood booked in 🤗

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