My Journey to Solo Motherhood: The First Year- Episode 7

August 2013

I originally thought I’d start treatment in the 2014 new year but I quickly got so excited I bought the date forward to September 2013 but I’ve now decided to wait another couple of months till December to make sure I have saved enough money for 3 attempts (and also because I don’t want a late Summer baby as research shows they struggle more in school) I know at the end of the day I’d be very happy with a healthy baby whenever they are born but if I can do anything to make their life a little easier then I’m willing to give it a go.

I was advised by my lovely friend (the colleague of a friend who’d had a recent successful IUI) to try and keep things light as it can very quickly become very stressful and take over your life. So with this in mind I’ve organised a Who’s the Daddy party at my house in October so some of my closest friends and family can help me pick my sperm donor. They can help me narrow the 35 plus donors down to around 5, I then plan to think about it on my own for a week before making my final decision and ordering!



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