My Journey to Solo Motherhood: The First Year- Episode 16


28th Dec 2013

10 days post IUI and I’m going completely crazy! I did a home pregnancy test (HPT) test this morning which was negative. I expected that as it’s really too early but I couldn’t help myself.

I’m still disappointed and am now googling pregnancy test statistics.

I’ve been taking my BBT (basal body temperature, my temperature in the morning as soon as I wake up and before getting out of bed). It dipped a couple of days ago and has risen since which is a good sign but it’s not an accurate measurement so it could mean anything.

I’m feeling really rather anxious now. It is all I can think about and I’m filled with a mix of terror and excitement. It’s a good job I’m not working as there is no way I could concentrate on anything.

I’m going to go to bed early, the earlier I go to sleep the quicker tomorrow morning will come and I can do another test with my first morning urine (FMU).



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