My Journey to Solo Motherhood: The First Year- Episode 17

30th Dec 2013

Can you see them!!!

Very faint but there are two lines?

Ive just phoned my mum, text my best friends and messaged my smbc friend, she asked how I felt and when I was due, I hadn’t even worked that out yet!

By IUI date I’ll be due on the 11th September 2014! It feels really scary saying that. Scared as in terrified of things going wrong but I also feel really positive about everything 🙂

I walk into town, although it feels like I’m floating, to buy another test. I am absolutely terrified it will have become negative already and I feel sick waiting for the results to flash up.

How will I tell people I was wrong if it comes up negative

But I am ecstatic to see it written in words

PREGNANT 1-2 weeks

I actually feel like I’m glowing.

I’m sure people can guess just by looking at me!


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