My Journey to Solo Motherhood: The First Year- Episode 19

January 2nd 2014

The Two Week Wait becomes the Three Week Wait

So it seems this fertility business is all about being patient ⏳. I phoned my clinic this morning to tell them the good news. They are delighted and they book me in for a scan in three weeks times when baby will be 7 weeks gestation.

They tell me to take progesterone suppositories as my luteal phase is short (that’s the second half of my cycle) which may suggest a low progesterone level.

I’ve never given myself a suppository before although as a nurse I’ve given plenty! But it’s surprising what you’ll do if it’s important enough for you!

My baby is the size of a poppy seed .

I’m so distracted at work! I want to tell the everyone I’m pregnant, I want to shout it from the roof tops and broadcast it on the radio! I settle for telling my one office buddy!


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