Hello everyone 👋

To anyone that’s stumbled across this blog hello 😁

I’m Natasza (Tash)

Despite my somewhat exotic name I was born and bred on the Sussex cost in the UK where I still live with my son.

I took a slightly unconventional route to parenthood by deciding to go it alone as a single woman. I had 13 cycles of fertility treatment and devastatingly 6 miscarriages before having my son following IUI number 14.

I’m passionate about raising awareness and improving miscarriage support and I work closely with an amazing local charity called Oscar’s Wish Foundation to make a difference to other families in honour of my babies and all the babies gone too soon.

I’m creative and when I’m struggling to express my emotions I find writing and drawing really helps, but I also crochet and sew for fun and I am always up for some ‘make and do’!

I work full time so try and squeeze a lot into a short time

I recently found my diary from my first year of trying to conceive, right from making the decision to become a solo mum by choice to undergoing my first insemination. I’m so pleased I wrote those notes as I’ve already forgotten so much of the detail over the years and it made me want to continue writing.

I’ll be happy if I am the only person to ever read these words but if I can help raise awareness or support others in the process that would be amazing.

So here’s my blog, content will mainly be about my journey to single motherhood and my experiences of baby loss and how I’m trying to improve miscarriage support, but might also include any other info I want to journal such as parenting triumphs and fails, my journey to becoming more eco friendly and links to any of my creative projects .

If you’ve read this far you’ll have discovered I’m a bit of a rambler so thanks for sticking with me, I promise I’m trying to learn how to be more succinct!

Hopefully see you all soon x

📷 Me and Arthur Sept 2018