My Journey to Solo Motherhood: The First Year- Episode 14

19th Dec 2013

So my IUI was incredibly painful! I’ve always found smear tests painful and this was the same but it lasted longer! (Edited to add they’ve since found a longer thinner speculum which doesn’t hurt!)

Once the nurse is in position she injects the donor sperm into the tube through my cervix and right into my uterus! She says my cervical mucus is perfect 👌 (the things you get used to talking about 😂). I’ve taken the day off work and Mum has come with me so once I’m back upright and clothed we go to have a wander round the shops while I try not to obsess about those little sperms racing towards my egg!

We end up going to Next for a bit of window shopping and a coffee, decaf for me as the fertility nurse told me to act as if I’m pregnant or PUPO (pregnant until proved otherwise).

I go to the loo and worry I’m flushing all that expensive, carefully chosen, sperm down the toilet!

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